Keeping Pets Proves Best For Child Development

Keeping pets proves best for child development

ISLAMABAD, Feb 1 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 01st Feb, 2017 ) : Keeping pets help children in their growing up phase. According to researchers, children learn to be affectionate towards animals and find a sense of comfort,health news reported. According to a study done by University of Cambridge, kids get more satisfaction from relationships with their household pets than with their brothers or sisters. Researchers surveyed children of 12 years of age from 77 families with one or more pets of any type and more than one child at home.

The children reported strong relationships with their pets relative to their siblings, with lower levels of conflict and greater satisfaction in owners of dogs than other kinds of pets. Pets may not be able to utter a word but their actions speak louder than anything else. They can sense your mood and behaviour, and are like silent yet watchful guardians. "Even though pets may not fully understand or respond verbally, the level of disclosure to pets was no less than to siblings.

The fact that pets cannot understand or talk back may even be a benefit as it means they are completely non-judgmental," While previous research had often found that boys report stronger relationships with their pets than girls do, the new research actually found the opposite. "While boys and girls were equally satisfied with their pets, girls reported more disclosure, companionship, and conflict with their pet than did boys, perhaps indicating that girls may interact with their pets in more nuanced ways," Cassels noted.