Hospitalized Victims Of Mosque Shooting Out Of Danger

Hospitalized victims of mosque shooting out of danger

QUEBEC CITY, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 01st Feb, 2017 ) : Five worshippers hospitalized with life-threatening injuries caused by a shooting rampage at their Quebec mosque are out of danger, doctors said Tuesday. Six people were killed in the attack at the Sainte-Foy mosque during evening prayers on Sunday and eight were wounded, including five that were listed in critical condition. Some 50 people were in the mosque at the time of the attack.

The suspect in the shooting spree, Alexandre Bissonette, was arrested after surrendering to authorities. He is charged with six counts of premeditated murder and five counts of attempted murder, police said. Genevieve Dupuis, a spokeswoman for Enfant Jesus hospital, said at a news briefing Tuesday that two people remained hospitalized in critical condition, two are stable, one was "doing fine" and one person had been discharged. Their injuries included mainly gunshots to the abdomen, but also to the neck, shoulders and legs.

Doctors removed an average of three to six bullets per shooting victim, said surgeon Julien Clement. The two patients with the most serious injuries "are expected to survive, but it's too early for a long-term prognosis," he said. Psychologists are also on hand to help victims, their families and the community at large cope with the trauma from the shooting, said Josee Martel, director of mental health at the hospital.