Slovakia's Jan Jakubco Remains Invincible In Malam Jabba Ski Cup

Slovakia's Jan Jakubco remains invincible in Malam Jabba Ski Cup

MALAM JABBA, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 30th Jan, 2017 ) : Jan Jakubco of Slovakia remained unbeatable on Monday, the last day of the Malam Jabba International Alpine Ski Cup at the scenic resort of Malam Jabba, Swat. The Slovakian skier outclassed his rivals in the second race of men's slalom category as well and got first position in the momentous international event. Ivan Kovasnkyuk and Vasyle Telychuk of Ukraine repeated the history and finished second and third, respectively.

In the second race of women slalom category, Ukraine proved their dominance on the slop once again as two Ukrainian skiers - Tetyana Tikun and Anastasia Gorbunova finished first and second, respectively. Pakistani talented international skier Ifrah Wali had a wonderful race and remained third in the category. As many as 50 male and 10 female skiers from Pakistan and eight different countries including Morocco, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Greece, Afghanistan, Turkey, Ukraine and Tajikistan are participating for the first time in this historic event at Malam Jabba. The event would benefit the tourism industry of Pakistan and revive the international competitions in the country.