Sindh Assembly Passes Sindh Payment Of Wages Bill Amidst Rumpus

Sindh Assembly passes Sindh Payment of Wages Bill amidst rumpus

KARACHI, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 30th Jan, 2017 ) : Treasure benches of Sindh Assembly Monday passed the Sindh Payment of Wages Bill -2015 into law amidst shouts and slogans of dissent from the opposition benches on the floor of the house. Acting Speaker Syeda Shehla Raza presided over the session. The session began with recitation of verses from Holy Quran and Naat Sharif. The bill for consideration was taken up by the Senior Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro to reconsider clause-II of the bill which was earlier had been passed by the assembly unanimously.

Khuhro by arising on his seat tried to put to the house the matter of reconsideration of the above clause through the speaker pointing out that after the 18th amendment it was the responsibility of the provincial government to make a pro-workers law by making amendments to the old law to this effect. Upon that the opposition benches including leader of the opposition in the assembly Khuawaj Izharul Hassan said that intention for workers were good but steps should be followed before passing the law.

First of all a letter be written to the Federal government regarding making amendments to the law to avoid conflict between the provincial and federal governments in the future. If, the federal government or federal law department give assent in this regard and there was no doubt of any conflict of powers between the two governments then amendments could be made to it. The reconsideration of the bill be deferred until a reply from the federal government of the written letter, the one about being asked.

PTI MPA Samar Ali Khan said that the intention of the government benches were positive to improve the lives of the workers in the province and we support it but conflict of power should be dealt firstly, by taking proper steps and going through step by step, therefore it was opposed. He also rejected the reconsideration of the bill before reviewing all issues pertaining to powers. Sindh Minister for Health, Dr. Sikandar Mandhro speaking on the matter said that the federal government just dealt with wages issues of the workers and the provincial government wanted to safeguard their rights by law.

He said that other provinces had also made amendments to various laws and it was the right of workers that they must be guaranteed under the law. Nisar Khuharo, earlier, said that the bill was introduced in January 2016 and later was sent to Standing Committee and was laying before the committee for 11 months. So, it was decided to recall it. He said that there were some flaws in the law. Amendments to the law were important. He, with the permission of the chair, presented a motion to reconsider the bill and after one by one clause amendments were carried out and passed bill into law.