Iran Traditional Music Festival To Be Held On Jan 31

Iran traditional music festival to be held on Jan 31

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 28th Jan, 2017 ) : Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) would organize Iranian Traditional Music Festival and Cultural and Art Exhibition on January 31. The event is being organize in collaboration with Cultural Consulate Embassy of Iran. The event would be held in connection with the 38th anniversary of the victory of Islamic Revolution of Iran at PNCA. The history of musical development in Iran dates back to the prehistoric era.

King Jamshid, is credited with the "invention" of music. Persian traditional music relies on both improvisation and composition and is based on a series of modal scales and tunes which must be memorized. Apprentices and masters, Ustad, have a traditional relationship which has declined during the 20th century as music education moved to universities and conservatories. The common repertoire consists of more than two hundred short melodic movements called gusheh, which are classified into seven dastgah or "modes." Two of these modes have secondary modes branching from them called avaz. Each gusheh and dastgah has an individual name. This whole body is called the Radif of which there are several versions, each in accordance to the teachings of a particular master or Ustad.