Kashmiris Demand Immediate Intl. Community Role For Early Settlement Of Kashmir Dispute

Kashmiris demand immediate Intl. community role for early settlement of Kashmir dispute

MIRPUR (Pakistan Point News - APP - 26th Jan, 2017 ) ,:- A large number of the people from all segments of the civil society here on Thursday observed Indian Republic day as black day to express hatred against India and demanded for early grant of right to self-determination to the people of the occupied Jammu and Kashmir being denied by India for last 70 years. The protest rally followed by a major anti-India demonstration by workers of various political parties including the Jammu and Kashmir Self-Determination Movement, (JKSDM), women wing of PML-N, AJK, was held.

A large number of workers of various private and public sector institutions also participated in the rally. The speakers addressing the participants highlighted the importance of early peaceful settlement of the Kashmir dispute besides, registering protest against the continued forcible and illegal Indian occupation on major parts of Jammu and Kashmir. The procession later converged into a protest meeting at Kashmir Press Club held under the chairpersonship of the District President JKSDM Dr Ishrat Sajaad.

Senior political activists and leaders of women wings of various political parties including Mrs Kishwar Sultana and Humaira Naqvi also addressed the protesters. They called for early solution of Kashmir issue inviting the international community and the United Nations to perform their due obligations for the settlement of the Kashmir issue without further loss of time. Various other political, religious, social and human rights organizations held anti-India and pro-freedom rallies and demonstration in various other parts of the Mirpur Division comprising Mirpur, Kotli and Bhimbher districts to register protest against gross human rights violations by the Indian forces in the held state.

They said that the Kashmiris in IHK are continuing their indigenous struggle for the achievement of their birth right of self-determination and for the freedom of the motherland from Indian clutches. Through various unanimously passed resolutions on the occasion these rallies called upon the world community to get realized India the fact that early solution of the internationally recognized Kashmir issue was the only key to the establishment of peace across the world.

A resolution further urged the comity of nations to ensure peaceful solution of Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN Resolutions and Kashmiri people's wishes. They said that Pakistan is incomplete without its jugular vein Kashmir. It said that people of Jammu and Kashmir would continue their struggle till the freedom of occupied Jammu Kashmir from Indian bondage and accession of entire Jammu Kashmir state to Pakistan - the ultimate destination of the people of the state.

Another resolution paid glowing tributes to the valiant struggling people of occupied Jammu and Kashmir for facing large scale Indian atrocities in the held territory. It declared that the sacrifices being offered by the valiant Kashmiri people would not go waste as the time was not far off when their struggle would be crowned with success very soon. Kashmiris in the Indian-held Jammu Kashmir state launched their indigenous struggle since 1989 for the achievement of their fundamental right of self determination and for the liberation of the motherland from the Indian subjugation � which were being denied by India since last 70 years at the might of her over 800,000 occupying military and para military troops deployed in the held territory.