Russian Official Says ECHR Recognizes As Inadmissible 9 Out Of 10 Plaints Against Country

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 03rd June, 2020) The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) recognizes nine out of 10 applications against Russia as inadmissible and filters them out at the first stage, Russia's representative to the ECHR, Deputy Justice Minister Mikhail Galperin, has said in an interview with Sputnik.

"If we look at the ECHR statistics, nine out of 10 applications against Russia are recognized by the court as inadmissible and are dropped out at the first stage," Galperin said.

According to Russia's representative, only the remaining complaints are examined in depth by the ECHR. In most cases, a ruling is made against the country.

"Major cases are often studied for years, they roam from one authority to another, from arbitral tribunals to state courts, and they may be divided into several processes," Galperin added.

In 2019, the number of new complaints against Russia that the ECHR admitted to examination fell by 45 percent year-on-year (to 1,601 from 2,926), Galperin noted. Apart from that, the number of rulings in which violations were detected saw a 20 percent decrease, falling from 248 in 2018 to 198 in 2019. Moreover, the number of Russian cases that the ECHR believes need urgent examination decreased by over 30 percent year on year.

The Russian Justice Ministry believes this trend is related to Russia's legislation development.