US Dollar Goes Rs.0.70 High Against Rupee


US dollar goes Rs.0.70 high against rupee

The US dollar has shown a strong upward movement from the very beginning as it is available now at for Rs. 163. 90.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-June 1st, 2020) The US dollar went 70 paisas high against the local Currency in inter-bank rate, the sources said here on Monday afternoon.

The US dollar showed a strong upward movement from the very beginning as it was available now at for Rs. 163. 90.

The foreign currencies including the US dollar, euro and pound made huge gains against the rupee on last Friday.

The latest reports of the State Bank said that the dollar closed at Rs163.10 in inter-bank rate after making a net gain of Rs1.30 during the daily trading.

The day began with a volatile start in the currency market in the morning, as the dollar price at one point soared to Rs163.30. The Dollar gained Rs1.50 against the rupee during early trading after starting the session from the previous level of Rs161.80.

On the other hand, the pound sterling too grew stronger and ended the day at Rs200.74 after a gain of Rs2.28 in inter-bank rate. The euro closed the session at Rs180.97 as it won the race by gaining value of Rs.2.82.

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