MPAs Eulogize Shehbaz For Swift Development

MPAs eulogize Shehbaz for swift development

LAHORE, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 26th Jan, 2017 ) :The lawmakers in the Punjab Assembly on Thursday lauded the Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif for giving a splendid gift of metro bus to the people of southern Punjab. "Bus service is a milestone in the progress and development of region," they added. The lawmakers especially hailing from southern Punjab Asif Saeed Manais, Sardar Sher Ali Gorchani, Amir Saeed, Waheed Choudhry, Choudhry Muhammad Sharif, Ahmed Ali Aulakh, Fida Hussain, Atif Hussain Khan paid glowing tributes to the PML-N leadership for accomplishing mega development projects in record time.

"Providing best facilities to the people always remained hallmark of politics of the PML-N," they added. The legislators observed the style of the government adopting for the country would get rid of energy crisis and ample electricity would be available by the end of year 2017. Lambasting opposition parties especially the PTI, they said, rapid development was unacceptable for them, adding that the country had suffered a lot because of sit-ins in last three years. The MPAs said the China-Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) would prove a game changer in the South Asia and besides Pakistan other countries in the region would also get benefits of it.