New Zealand’s PM Gives Calm Response To Earthquake In Live TV Program


New Zealand’s PM gives calm response to earthquake in live TV program

Jacinda Arden, the PM, was live on TV when the earthquake of 6.5 magnitude hit the country but she amicably responded to the situation.

Wellington: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 26th, 2020) New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden responded calmly to earthquake shakes during a live television interview to a news organization, the reports said here on Tuesday.

“We are fine Ryanm” said the Prime Minister while handling situation with calmness.

“I’m sure that I am not under any hanging lights and I feel that I’m in a structurally sound place,” she further said.

The earthquake hit different parts of the county just before 8am, leaving thousands of New Zealanders shacked. The citizens were getting ready to start their week when the earthquake hit the country.

According to media reports, it was so strong that it rattled the food kept in shelves and the trains stopped their service across the country.

New Zealand is often hit by 'Shaky Isles' because it is placed in the Pacific region.

The US Geological survey said that an earthquake of 6.5 magnitude struck in the ocean about 100 kilometres (62 miles) northeast of Wellington.

The PM interrupted Newshub host Ryan Bridge to tell him what was happening at the parliament complex in the capital, Wellington.

“I think we are having jolts because of earthquake, Ryan,” said the PM, adding that they were okay with the situation.

Ryan looked here and there and confirmed that there were some jolts around them.

Later, Adern told the PM that the shaking had just stopped.

There, however, no reports of major damage or injuries after the quake, said the reports.

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