Trade Activities Would Gain Momentum After CPEC Completion

Trade activities would gain momentum after CPEC completion

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 25th Jan, 2017 ) : Leader, PML-N Maj. Retd. Tahir Iqbal said on Wednesday that trade activities in Pakistan would gain momentum after Pak-China Economic Corridor's (CPEC) completion as many countries including Iran and Russia are also willing to join it. Talking to Radio Pakistan, he said CPEC to bring a new era of speedy progress and prosperity in the country. He further said India is our old enemy, however, all its claims and dreams could not be materialized.

Just to destabilize Pakistan and hinder its progress, India talks about surgical strikes, instigates separatists in Balochistan and blames Pakistan for militants activities in the region, he added. "We are building our defence capabilities to ensure security of the country", PML-N Leader said. He also appreciated the hard work put in by Pakistani engineers for their efforts for development of indigenous missile technology. He described that the missile test as an important move to maintain balance of power in the region.