Wall Painting By Renowned Cartoonist Inaugurated At Lok Virsa

Wall painting by renowned cartoonist inaugurated at Lok Virsa

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 24th Jan, 2017 ) : Wall painting by a renowned cartoonist Sabir Nazar and six of his students, featuring cultural diversity of all regions of Pakistan, inaugurated here at Lok Virsa. Executive Director Lok Virsa Dr. Fouzia Saeed, Cartoonist Sabir Nazar and his students briefed the media on Lok Virsa's initiative of new cultural narrative for Pakistan youth. Sabir Nazar said public art not only provides a platform for artists to express themselves but also ensure a stronger bond between the masses and organizations.

He said Lok Virsa was the best place for this project as large number of people daily visit there. He appreciated his students for working hard with him to complete the project before the stipulated time. Sabir Nazar said Dr. Fouzia Saeed was trying to attract youth and therefore, initiating projects to make culture more relevant to the younger generation. Appreciating the work of Sabir Nazar, Dr. Fouzia Saeed said Lok Virsa was creating new narratives for the youth with a greater focus on pluralism and ethnic diversity.

She said Lok Virsa was constantly making an effort to build youth's self-image as a South Asian and change the image of Pakistan internationally. She said Lok Virsa provides a vital platform for a wide variety of cultural organizations and ethnic communities to organize themselves; with a space for artists and artisans, to become a part of Lok Virsa's larger family. Lok Virsa's attempts at bringing forth a positive image of Pakistan particularly gained momentum during the past two years.

"Lok Virsa's current strategy commits it to plant the seed of the new generation who could be more pluralistic and democratic in their thinking and gradually move away from militant ideology. It not only provides a space for cultural representatives of various provinces in one central space but it also ensures a strong bond and a sense of solidarity within them," she added. Dr. Fouzia said though the organization had roots in the traditions and heritage from the past, it was making a conscious effort to make the cultural narratives more relevant to the new generation by bringing forth expressions that they were better able connect with.

Every weekend a great number of youth visits the museum. Similarly, the weekly film club, Mandwa also attracts a large number of participants. Only recently, in a similar project in collaboration with Kuch Khas and Words Beat's Live, three artists from USA, Maxx Moses, Isaisa Crol and Mas Paz along with local artists displayed Pakistan's cultural diversity in graffiti form at another wall of Lok Virsa.