Masha Pasha Comes Forward In Support Of Yasin Hussain’s Comments On Ertugrul


Masha Pasha comes forward in support of Yasin Hussain’s comments on Ertugrul

The actress endorses Yasir’s view that PTV should produce historic drama by using local artists.

KARACHI: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 18th, 2020) Mansha Pashed came forward to support the stance of Yasir Hussain who asked ptv to make historic drama serial and utilize Pakistani artists here on Monday.

Mansha Pasha said the local content had no support from the government here. She said even without any subsidy from the government if anyone managed to gather his own funds, the projects were still banned or pulled off after clearance.

The actress wrote: “Those lambasting Yasir Hussain and calling the work in Pakistan "sub-par" seem to have forgotten what it takes to make content here. Even without any subsidy from the govt, even if u manage to gather ur own funds, ur projects can still bet banned or pulled off after clearance,”.

The actress said that she doesn’t often agree with Yasir Hussain but he had a point this time.

She wrote: “ “And also (argh i have to say this because ppl are like this). I dont agree with everything Yasir H has said in his entire life just cuz i agree with him regd state sponsoring foreign content. Infact have disagreed with him publicly and privately on many things,”.

Yasir Hussain made comments regarding Turkish drama Ertugrul being on-aired on state-run Pakistan Television (PTV).

Taking to Instagram, Yasir Hussain advised PTV to make its own historical dramas saying that Turkish serials would destroy the local industry.

He had written: “PTV should make a historic drama serial and utilize Pakistani artists, who pay taxes and also have expertise in their field besides the technicians,”.

He went on to say sarcastically that imported cloth rags and Turkish dramas will destroy the local industry.

Turkish historical adventure series Diriliş: Ertuğrul, titled Ertuğrul Ghazi in urdu, touched the sky of popularity in Pakistan. Turkish artists are receiving huge applause from Pakistani audience.

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