China Plans To Retest Entire Population In Wuhan After Emergence Of New Cases


China plans to retest entire population in Wuhan after emergence of new cases

The reports say that Jilin and Heilongjiang which located near Russian border have reported cluster of new cases, leaving the Chinese authorities at high alert who has restrained the neighboring country from visiting the areas.

WUHAN: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 12th, 2020) Chinese authorities were planning to test entire population of Wuhan city after fresh cases of virus emerged in the epicenter, the reports said here on Tuesday.

The authorities ordered the officials to come up with plans by noon to administer nucleic acid tests on all the residents in the city. The reports of new virus emerged at the moment when the entire world was already fighting against Coronavirus which was said to be spread from Wuhan.

There were 11 million people in Wuhan which would be tested after new cases of virus.

“Every single district in Wuhan has been directed to conduct nucleic acid tests on entire population in its jurisdiction within a 10-day time limit,” the orders issued to the officials concerned read. However, it was not mentioned as to when the tests would be started.

The reports emerged on Yesterday when Wuhan was getting towards normalcy after 76 day of lockdown in China.

According to media reports, initially seven new cases were reported from Dongxihu district on Sunday and Monday and today (Tuesday).

The second wave of virus emerged after Chinese authorities lifted lockdown, opened cities and businesses across the country.

Chinese media reported that Jilin and Heilongjiang were the latest centers of new cases after the previous lockdown. These two areas located near the border of Russia. According to the reports, Chinese authorities restrained the neighboring country from visiting the areas.

The scientific research showed that the virus jumped from animals to humans at a market located in Wuhan.

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