China Rejects US Allegations About Spread Of Coronavirus


China rejects US allegations about spread of Coronavirus

China has expressed strong reaction over US Scientists and media persons’ latest allegations that China is behind the spread of global pandemic.

BEIJING: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-May 12th, 2020) Showing strong reaction to the US over charges of spreading Coronavirus across the world, China rejected all 24 allegations here on Tuesday.

According to latest reports, China published 11,000-word article in reaction to the US allegations about China’s role regarding spread of Coronavirus across the world.

China’s Ministry of External Affairs said that the US scientists and media targeted China and made false allegations against China, saying that it was natural pandemic and there was no role of China in the ongoing pandemic.

US President Trump had already leveled allegations against China over the global pandemic but Chinese authorities did not show any strong reaction. But opposite to the previous allegations, Chinese authorities expressed strong reaction over the fresh allegations.

On other hand, US President Trump said that China was business deal with the US but they were not willing any such deal at this moment.

“I heard that they are coming again for business deal, so that it could be better for them,” said Trump , adding that but the US was willing any deal yet. He said they were looking to Chinese authorities that whether they would stick to the previous deal or not.

Earlier, the US had clearly warned China that the deal between both countries would be cancelled if China did not buy the products worth $ 250 billion. A delegation visited the US for the deal between both sides.

Fida Hussnain

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