Turkish Drama Ertugrul Bcomes Top Trend On Social Media


Turkish drama Ertugrul bcomes top trend on social media

The fans are expressing love and paying tribute to great Turkish leaders, especially Ertugrul for laying foundation of Ottoman Empire in Turkey.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-April 30th , 2020) As the holy month of Ramazan is at its peak, Ertugrul—a Turkish drama serial—has become top trend on Twitter, with beautiful quotes spoken by the main character.

The fans across Pakistan are sharing the pictures and quotes spoken by Ertugrul—the main character—of Turkish drama, on Twitter and other forms of social media. Men, women, children and people of different age groups are enjoying this drama during these days in Pakistan. Pakistan Television (PTV)—the state TV—has started its broadcasting and now the people and especially the youths are enjoying this drama in urdu language.

A drama of multiple series is a reflection on Turkish culture and the struggle of Muslim leaders, especially Ertugrul who paved the way for Ottoman Empire in Turkey—which later became the centre of Islamic movement around the world, and particular in eastern Europe and other states.

Twitterati The Faisal Ameen said: “Standing up for the truth is the glory of a Muslim. #TeamErtugrul,”.

Another twittarati wrote: “I have no fear of death. If i surrender before i finish my last breath, then that breath is forbidden for me,”.

Muhammad Bilal wrote: “Ertugrul Bey fought for justice. He laid the foundations of Ottoman Empire. An ancient glorious empire. #TeamErtugrul,”.

In a video message, Prime Minister Imran Khan urged the youths to watch Ertugrul series to learn Islamic history and ethics. The Prime Minister Office shared his video message on Twitter, with a caption: “Prime Minister Imran Khan shares his views over ptv telecast of famous Turkish drama serial Diriliş: Ertuğrul; it will make our youth learn about Islamic history and ethics,”.

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