Desilting Of 10 Perennial Canals Begins

Desilting of 10 perennial canals begins

MULTAN, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 19th Jan, 2017 ) : Desilting of 10 perennial canals has been started in the Multan division. According to the irrigation department sources, desilting would be completed by Jan 29 and water would be released into canals from Feb 1 to irrigate Rabbi crops. A total length of canals was 92 miles while 36 lac cft silt would be removed from canals, the sources said. The canals which were selected for desilting included Kabirwala, Venoi, Jamsabad Minor, Kukar Hatta, Chawan, Tatepur Minor, Jampur, Wali Muhammad, Qasba Sub-minor and Faizpur.