Nadal Chat Live For The First Time With Roger Federal, Murray


Nadal chat live for the first time with Roger Federal, Murray

The players shared their experiences under lockdowns due to ongoing global Coroanvirus pandemic, admitting that they could touch the balls for last many days.

Bern: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-April 21st, 2020) International Tennis Star Roger Federer shared his live interesting chat with his fellow players , sharing experiences of each other during the lockdowns under Coronavirus pandemic here on Tuesday.

Taking to Twitter, Federer shared his interesting Instagram live-chat with fellow player Rafael Nadal. However, Federer had the live conversation also with Marc Lapez but he shared his conversation with Nadal on his account, with a captain: “Once we finally got this thing working, yes,”.

Nadal was laughing visibly with his fellow player during the live chat and admitted that it was his first time live chat.

“As you see, I’m a disaster in everything. But I’m trying hard,” said Nadal, smiling. Murray made an interesting comment in the comments section and wrote, “This is brilliant… He can win 52 French Opens, but not work Instagram,”. Federer provided an update on his recovery from right knee surgery in February and said he’s happy with the progress made so far

“First six weeks were good , then things got a bit slower, now it’s good again. But obviously there still much time. There’s no rush,” said Federer. “I’ve been hitting a bit against the wall, doing my rehab and my fitness. The good thing is that the second surgery is easier than the first one. I don’t need to experience a third one, though!,”.

“We are going through big routines as when to eat and when to sleep,” said Federer, adding that he thought that it was important when you had kids, especially multiple children. “But the difficult thing is that we can’t interact or see anyone, including my parents. The kids would love to play with other ones. But having four kids here, they can always be with each other,” he added.

However, Nadal said that he did not hit a ball since early March during his chat with Federer besides grilling the Spaniard about playing as a lefty when he’s naturally right-handed. He acknowledged that handling the lefty spin was one of his biggest challenges when they faced off.

“I can’t play righty. That’s just a legend!,” Nadal said, laughing.

“My basketball skills are with the right, everything else is with the right, but this is not the case with football or tennis. I started playing with a two-handed backhand and forehand. The people I was working with probably didn’t know if I was righty or lefty,” he added.

Later, as Federer left, Nadal started conversation with Murray who shared his exciting news about recovery of his right hip injury. He said: “It is now going well,”. He also joked that the real challenge for him was home schooling their two young children. Murraye said that he was training a lot and was still able to do lots of things but admitted that he also did not hit any balls for last five weeks.

“I’m feeling pretty good, so let’s see when we are going to startagain,” said Murray, adding that he was doing stuff with the kids every day.

He said that though, it was tough but he spent so much time with kids and family and they all not used to that.

“As a parents we can’t teach our kids. It is the difficult thing. Teachers are doing a great work as the kids do not always want to listen to what their parents have to say,” he went onto say.

Hundreds of fans of both players were online there asking them questions in English and Spanish as the both men seen for the first timely laughing and sharing their experience one on one –an interesting thing for the fans.

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