Dubai Customs Completes 22 Enhancements Of Its Customs Systems

Dubai Customs completes 22 enhancements of its customs systems

Dubai Customs’ IT Department has remotely completed 22 major enhancements to its systems

Dubai (Pakistan Point News - 20th Apr, 2020) Dubai Customs’ IT Department has remotely completed 22 major enhancements to its systems. The step covered a number of internal and external customs systems and aimed at facilitating procedures and supporting clients’ businesses in fulfilment of the stimulus package launched by the Dubai Government for the Covid-19 outbreak period.
These enhancements reflect and confirm the vision of Dubai Customs as a leading customs administration that can meet the expectations of the supply chain and the local market against any economic challenges.

“These major enhancements were done afar, which reflects the advanced and resilient IT infrastructure we have,” said Younis Othman, Director of Information Technology Department. “We are facing a challenging time due to the outbreak of Covid-19, and this has prompted us not only to protect our systems from any disruption, but also to make enhancements to ensure best services are delivered to our clients based on 4th Industrial Revolution and AI technologies. We are also proud that we have very advanced technologies to measure employee performance.”
The enhancements included brokers’ refund request, additional instructions for sealing, auto approval of certain declarations, among many others.

The remote working environment has also been enhanced, which help in better employee performance and delivery of services. These enhancements cover clients’ online cases, post audit services, amendment tracking service, and others.
On his part, Bader Al Kharoosi, Head of Solution Delivery, IT Design & Development Department said:
“We have made the enhancements, developed the smart platforms, unified some procedures in record time to facilitate the process and help our clients save time and effort. In this hard time in particular we need to be more swift and agile to help mitigate the implications of the coronavirus outbreak in fulfilment of the wise directives and vision of our government.”