8 Richest People As Wealthy As Poorest Half Of The World – Oxfam

8 richest people as wealthy as poorest half of the world – Oxfam

DAVOS, (Pakistan Point News – 17th Jan, 2017) : The world’s eight richest billionaires control the same wealth between them as the poorest half of the globe’s population. A report has been published by Oxfam in World Economic Forum in Davos reveals that 8 people in the world has the same wealht as half population of the world. This list consists of 6 Americans, a Mexican and a Spanish businessman. microsoft founder Bill Gates, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg, and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. Others include Inditex clothing company founder, Amancio Ortega, investor Warren Buffett, Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim, Oracle’s Larry Ellison, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.