Details Of Many Cases Submitted By NAB To The Supreme Court Of Pakistan

Details of many cases submitted by NAB to The Supreme Court Of Pakistan

Islamabad,(Pakistan Point News - 27 July,2016) :Minister for Law and Justice Zahid Hamid told on Wednesday that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) had submitted details of 179 cases in the Supreme Court of Pakistan.These submitted cases on April 9, 2015 are under the offences including financial scam, land scam and a use of official position, the minister said in a written reply to the Senate. He said that the NAB chairman had highest priority to finalize these mega cases as well as other pending cases in a professional manner without compromising on the transparency and objectivity.

With untiring efforts, he said, NAB has been able to achieve significant progress in 179 mega cases as out of 81 inquiries, 25 inquiries have since been upgraded into investigations, six into Voluntary Return, one inquiry merged into on-going Reference and five closed on merit leaving a balance of 44 inquiries.Similarly, he added that out of the 52 investigations, references had been filed in 30 cases, three investigations completed through plea bargain, whereas two investigations were closed on merit.He said that there are now 42 investigations and one case has been decided so far, through conviction of accused, from the 46 references under trial before the Accountability Courts.