Ramiz Raja Turns Defensive Over Funny Question Of Shoaib Malik


Ramiz Raja turns defensive over funny question of Shoaib Malik

Shoaib Malik asks Ramiz Raja in a funny way that they should retire graciously.

LAHORE: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-April 10th, 2020) Ramiz Raja turned defensive while responding to a funny question posted by Sohaib Malik on Twitter here on Friday.

Taking to Twitter, Shoaib Malik, in a funny way, asked Ramiz Raja that they should retire graciously from the national cricket.

He wrote: “Yes @iramizrajabhai agreed. Since all 3 of us are the end of our careers let’s retire gracefully together - I’ll call and let’s plan this for 2022? Smiling face with open mouth and cold sweat @MHafeez22 #jokes Q,”.

Shoaib Malik also tagged Ramiz Raja and Muhammad Hafeez and also used hashtag of jokes. In fact, Shoaib Malik did a joke with Ramiz Raja who ignored the funny side of the conversation and turned defensive.

Ramiz Raja wrote: “@realshoaibmalik amiz Raja wrote: "he conversation and turned defensive.

orred also used hashtag of jokes lik on Twitter here on Friday.

there @MHafeez22 1-retire gracefully .. from what ?.. speaking my mind on pak cricket? Sticking my neck out for pak cricket ? Wanting pak cricket back at top ? No chance .. won’t be gracefully retiring from that ever Malik Sahib! as for ur post retirement

In another tweet, he wrote: “@realshoaibmalik @MHafeez22, 2-would be tough to start commentating in 2022 as that would make you my age almost 😜And talking of careers , don’t need a tutorial from u of all the ppl as history, which is a great teacher, would tell u that I retired while I was Captain of Pak,”.

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