Paris' Notre-Dame Cathedral Holding Good Friday Mass Year After Devastating Fire

PARIS (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 10th April, 2020) The Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris, which was heavily damaged in a devastating fire almost a year ago, is holding a Good Friday mass, a Sputnik correspondent reported, adding that access to the mass is restricted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It is the second mass that has been held in the landmark cathedral after the massive blaze. The first religious service was conducted on June 15, when Paris Archbishop Michel Aupetit consecrated a new altar in a small chapel inside the cathedral.

Access to the Good Friday mass has been limited, just as it was in June. This time, safety precautions of being in a fire-stricken building have coincided with the ban on mass events imposed due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Apart from the archbishop, there are only a few other people in the building. All of them are wearing white helmets.

Due to COVID-19 movement restrictions, believers have no opportunity to approach the cathedral. A Catholic tv channel is providing a live broadcast of the mass.

A major fire broke out at Notre-Dame on April 15 causing the collapse of the cathedral's spire and the partial destruction of its roof structure. While the cause has not yet been determined, the French authorities have ruled out criminal motives.

French President Emmanuel Macron pledged to rebuild Notre-Dame in five years.