Several Moscow State University Staffers Test Positive For Coronavirus - Rector

MOSCOW (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 10th April, 2020) Several employees of the Moscow State University (MSU) have tested positive for coronavirus, they have not been in contact with anyone from the university, MSU rector Viktor Sadovnichiy said on Friday.

"Several persons, MSU staffers who no longer come to the university but remain in the city, have tested positive, but they have not had any contact with the university during this period," Sadovnichiy said at a meeting of the Ministry of education and Science.

The rector added that the MSU hospital would soon start accepting patients with infectious diseases.

"We have made a decision to set up a hospital for patients with infectious diseases. We will start accepting patients in two or three days. This has involved reorganization, ventilation, isolation and so on. Our medical center will now fulfill this task as a university center reequipped for infectious patients," Sadovnichiy added.

He specified that only nine students currently remained quarantined in the MSU dormitory.