Badiri Knowledge Exchange Initiative To Empower Community With Tools, Ideas And Skills

Badiri Knowledge Exchange initiative to empower community with tools, ideas and skills

SHARJAH, (Pakistan Point News - 09th Apr, 2020) Badiri Education and Development Academy, the education and capacity building arm of NAMA Women Advancement Establishment, recently launched a virtual hub for collaborative learning, the "Badiri Knowledge Exchange", with a session titled "E-Learning: A World of Opportunities at Your Fingertips".

Held every Wednesday using video and web conferencing services such as Zoom Webinar, Instagram Live and Twitter Live, Badiri Knowledge Exchange seeks to expand the learning ecosystem by choosing relevant topics for participants to discuss and share experiences with tools, ideas and skills to help others combat the current challenges.

Facilitators at the academy will lead each session to maintain a productive and inclusive experience for community members who will then take the discussion forward through a Q&A session.

The first discussion was attended by 25 participants, who discussed the importance of e-learning, shared individual insights into the different e-learning platforms, and offered tips and strategies on choosing the right online course and commit to finishing it.

On 15th April, Reema Baniabbasi, an Emirati Counselling Psychologist at the Psychiatry & Therapy Centre at Dubai Healthcare City, will lead the discussion titled "Maintain your emotional health while you practice physical distancing". She will explore five strategies to help individuals cope with the pandemic while stressing on the merits of establishing a self-reflective practice, observing holistic self-care, the need to set boundaries, creative ways of staying connected, and understanding personal emotions and feelings to channel our inner well-being.

Abdulaziz Alyas, Entrepreneurs Mentor, will throw light on "Is now a good time to start a business for entrepreneurs" in the virtual session scheduled for 22nd April. Stressing the need to adapt to changing consumer preferences, he will offer perspectives to help businesses move forward during a time of supply chain disruptions.

Commenting on the launch of the initiative, Dr. Mona Rashid Al Ali, Manager of Badiri Academy, said, "Badiri Knowledge Exchange takes forward our commitment to support the learning endeavour of those who seek knowledge and are committed to self-development by fostering connections whilst keeping them safe. Our networked learning experience will enable the generation and dissemination of knowledge, and lays special emphasis on practical learning, to build the capacity of participants to successfully apply the expertise they gain to navigate the current business environment."