Abu Dhabi Has 24,018 Plant Holdings, Covering 749,858 Donums: SCAD

Abu Dhabi has 24,018 plant holdings, covering 749,858 donums: SCAD

ABU DHABI, (Pakistan Point News - 09th Apr, 2020) The number of plant holdings in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi amounted to 24,018 by the end of 2019, covering a total area of 749,868 donums, a report issued by the Statistics Centre-Abu Dhabi, SCAD, today revealed.

The report also showed that Al Ain accounts for the highest number of plant holdings, namely 11,921, covering a total area of 452,503 donums, followed by Al Dhafra, 8,492 plant holdings sprawling over 207,686 donums, and Abu Dhabi with 3,605 plant holdings on 89,679 donums.

The Abu Dhabi Agriculture and food Safety Authority (ADAFSA), revealed that the total financial support provided by Abu Dhabi to those benefitting from the Farmers' Income Improvement Programme stands at AED1 billion and 80 million per year.