PM Shares Measures To Combat Coronavirus, Warns Hoarders Of Strict Actions


PM shares measures to combat Coronavirus, warns hoarders of strict actions

The PM establish Prime Minister Corona Relief Fund in fight against Coronavirus, saying that the tax payers can also deposit their money into this fund and they would be given relaxation in their tax payments.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-March 30th, 2020) Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday said they could not impose complete lock down as 25 per cent population was living under extreme poverty line.

“There are 25 per cent people who do not have two-time meal and 20 per cent are just above them, so we are talking about nine cror people,” said Prime Minister Imran Khan in his address to the nation. He said that this fight against Coronavirus could not be defeated just with resources as wisdom was required to fight against it.

“All the countries including the US are fighting against this virus and every nation is fighting against it with available resources and capacity,” said the PM.

He said this fight, however, could not be won just with the resources.

“I compare Pakistan with the US to make this understand that I announced package of $ 8 billion in fight against this virus but the US has announced $ 2,000 billion,” said Imran Khan. He said

He also announced an emergency fund in fight against Coronavirus in the country.

The prime minister said that the nation would fight against the coronavirus with two key elements: faith and Pakistan's young population. “We have to fight against this virus and use these two strengths to win the war,” he said.

The prime minister announced a "Corona Tigers Relief Force" which would aid the administration and the armed forces in containing the virus. He said that a dedicated cell at the PM Office was monitoring the spread of the virus.

PM Imran said that the relief force could provide food to the people at their homes and will educate them on the safety precautions against the virus.

The government was opening an account with the name “Prime Minister Corona Relief Fund” which would help aid people affected by the pandemic. PM Imran said that the account would be opened in the National Bank of Pakistan, he stated. He urged the people to donate generously to the account, saying that no questions would be asked about the money which was donated.

He said the State Bank would provide loans on the easiest terms to the organizations who did not terminate the people at this difficult time and the people who donated for the fund could also mention it in their tax returns, so their tax payment would be considered.

He said that Unity, Faith and Discipline were the principles announced by Quaid at the time when this country was created and therefore, the entire nation needed to follow these principles. He warned the hoarders, saying that all those people who made money by taking benefit of peoples’ weaknesses and needs would be awarded exemplary punishment.

Fida Hussnain

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