Fashion Designer Maria B’s Cook Tests Negative For Coronavirus


Fashion Designer Maria B’s cook tests negative for Coronavirus

Police arrested Tahir saeed, the husband of Maria B, for sending their employee to Vehari after the local labs reported that he was victim of the virus.

Vehari: (UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-March 30th, 2020) The cook of popular fashion designer Maria B tested negative for Coronavirus here on Monday.

The doctors in district hospital decided to discharge the cook of renowned fashion designer Maria B after the hospital lab tested him negative for Coronavirus.

The test in Vehari lab which found the cook free of the virus but the test conducted by a Lahore based Lab tested him positive. The results of both labs, however, raised questions about the standards and quality of the tests for the virus.

Last week, the Lahore police arrested Tahir Saeed, the husband of Maria B, for sending their employee to Vehari after he tested positive for Coronavirus. Maria B strongly condemned the police raid, saying that her husband was arrested at mid night from the house like any drug pusher and was sent behind the bars. She criticized the PTI government and appealed to the PM to take notice of police breaching values and stepping in her house at mid night.

She had said that police also called her criminal during the raid besides causing them mental agony and stress.

“Just tell me why? Why did they call me culprit? Why they raided at mid of the night when nobody was up there and took away my husband?,” cried Maria B and questioned action of the police.

The police had said that one of the employees of Tahir Saeed, the husband of designer Maria B, tested positive for Coronavirus but the family let him go to Vehari instead of shifting him to any Coronavirus centure for treatment. The police booked Tahir Saeed and arrested him for committing negligence against the larger public interest.

Fida Hussnain

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