ICC Postpones All Events Till End Of June Amid Fears Of Coronavirus


ICC postpones all events till end of June amid fears of Coronavirus

International Cricket Council (ICC) Head Chris Tetley says they have postponed all events due before June till end of June owing to Coronavirus pandemic.

LAHORE: ( UrduPoint/Pakistan Point News-March 26th, 2020) The International cricket Council (ICC) postponed all events for the 2021 T20 World Cup amid fears of Coronavirus, the reports said here on Thursday.

The ICC also postponed 50-overs version in 2023 due to the same reason.

There are over 470,000 infected persons while over 21, 200 people lost their lives due to Coronavirus across the world. The pandemic also damaged global sports events as the ICC also stated that the World Cup qualifiers would also be impacted by the pandemic.

In a statement to media, ICC Events Head Christ Tetley said that the ICC decided to postpone all events up until the end of June subject to further review due to ongoing global Coronavirus pandemic.

However, he said that the work on contingency plan would be continued and options for men’ qualification pathways.

“We will provide updates in due course on these plans and decisions on the staging of the remaining events this year,” said Christ Tetley.

It may be mentioned here that India host next year’s T20 World Cup and the 50-Overs event in 2023.

Australia would host the men’s version starting in October and the World Cup Trophy tour for the men’s event which was due to start next month was also adjourned till further review.

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