Haripur Police Performance Report Of Last Ten Months

Haripur Police performance report of last ten months

HARIPUR, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 12th Jan, 2017 ) : Haripur police in its anti-drug drive during the last ten months seized some 160 kilogram Hashish, 40.200 kilogram Heroin, 555 gram Opium and 42 bottles of Liquor. The City police station Haripur registered 20 FIR's against drug traffickers. Saddar police seized 16.465 kilogram Hashish and registered 16 FIRs. Town of Sarai Saleh in district Haripur has the worst reputation in drug trafficking where not only male, a large number of females and children were also involved in trafficking and use of narcotics.

Sari Saleh police station registered only 6 cases against the notices paddlers and seized 7.292 kilogram Hashish and 10 bottle of liquor. Children were also part of this network in Khalabat colony where police registered 19 cases and seized 28.335 kilogram Hashish, .820 Kilogram Herion and 12 bottle liquor. Police station Kot Najibullah registered the maximum number of cases during this drive which is 21 and seized 15.412 kilogram Hashish 200 gram Heroin. Police Station Hattar registered 10 cases 17.132 kilogram Hashish. Khanpur police registered 19 cases 23.470 kilogram Hashish 540 kilogram Heroin and 555 kilogram Opium. Ghazi police station seized 2.255 Kilogram Hashish and registered two cases.