Thrill Seekers Rescued From Australian Rollercoaster

Thrill seekers rescued from Australian rollercoaster

SYDNEY, , (Pakistan Point News - APP - 11th Jan, 2017 ) - Thrill seekers were rescued Wednesday from an Australian rollercoaster ride after it broke down, just months after four people died at a nearby theme park. Rescue crews were called to Movie World on the Gold Coast after the Arkham Asylum ride malfunctioned, although no injuries were reported. The Queensland Fire and Emergency Services said 20 people were stranded in their seats 20 metres (65 feet) off the ground.

"We have multiple crews at the scene," a spokeswoman told AFP. "We are performing rescues at the moment." At least six people had so far been removed from the ride, she added, with a telescopic ladder platform being brought in to get others down. Movie World said it was "conducting an evacuation on the Arkham Asylum Coaster due to a mechanical issue with the chain". "There are no injuries to any guests on board and we are in direct communication with the guests," it added in a statement.

"Due to the time required to reset the mechanical issue, we have engaged the Queensland Fire Brigade to assist with the evacuation process. "Our team and the fire brigade regularly train for this type of evacuation." The drama came just weeks after the nearby Dreamworld tourist attraction reopened following a rigorous safety review over the deaths of four people when rafts on the Thunder River Rapids ride collided on October 25. Dreamworld owner Ardent Leisure has announced that the ride would be demolished and a permanent memorial to the victims erected.