Painting Exhibition `Personal Mythologies' Begins

Painting exhibition `Personal Mythologies' begins

ISLAMABAD, (Pakistan Point News - APP - 10th Jan, 2017 ) : Renowned artists Rajab Sayed and Minaa Mohsin have showcased thier painting work at an exhibition `Personal Mythologies' at`My Art World Gallery' here today. Minaa has exhibited her work both nationally and internationally in groups and solo shows including Brooklyn, New York and New Jersey. In a press statement issued prior to the exhibition, Minaa said, "There is nothing like the excitement of creating a painting and the idea of producing something that people can enjoy beyond a life time.

" "I attempt to explore the realm of the aspiring bourgeoisie by using the memory of my parent's house in which I was raised. The painting glorify common decorative motifs and household objects that become cherished members of the family." she added. Rajab Sayed works have been exhibited at the different galleries in Pakistan and abroad in group and solo shows. He said,"The process of creating a painting will contain all the experiences past and present, passion, skill, control and an attempt to capture the fleeting moment in time. For me, painting is a passion and a never ending learning process." "My paintings are produced in a series and a large narrative is constructed through curation of individual paintings that share similar proportion and colour pallets" he added.