Aviation Policy 2015 Induces `healthy Sense Of Competition': PCAA

Aviation policy 2015 induces `healthy sense of competition': PCAA

KARACHI, Jan 7 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 07th Jan, 2017 ) : The aviation policy 2015 induces a healthy sense of competition among the aviation fraternity. This was stated by the spokesman of Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) in a statement issued here Saturday with reference to the news item published on Friday, January 6, that PIA's losses are due to New Aviation Policy. `This is clarified that the statement given in the news item about PIA losses due to Pakistan's Aviation Policy/ Open Skies Policy is contrary to facts besides being baseless, that it gave an edge to the other Airlines over PIA', the PCAA spokesman in his statement added.

He further pointed out that the new Aviation Policy 2015 was issued after due deliberations and after taking all the stakeholders on board. It provides free market for all Private, National and Foreign Airlines and was in no way designed /formulated to harm the interest of National Flag Carrier. It is beneficial to passengers and induces a healthy sense of competition amongst the Aviation Fraternity. New National Aviation Policy (2015) provides tax breaks and no taxation on aviation related spare parts which have a positive impact on the growth in aviation sector, the PCAA spokesman added.

He was of the view that losses at PIA can be attributed to its internal issues, lack of efficiency and management and has nothing to do with the New Aviation Policy 2015. In fact, the New Aviation Policy 2015 duly approved by the cabinet is in line with ICAO's Recommended and Standard Practices, Global and Regional Trends. The policy envisages to facilitate Passengers/shippers, offer low prices and helps to create jobs in the Aviation Sector. `Foregoing, the condemnation and illogically maligning PCAA for promulgating the Policy under discussion by the respective Airline has no substance and vehemently rejected/denied. During the last one year, Government did not allow any increase in the frequency of a single Foreign Airline carrier in order to ensure, that the interest of Domestic Airlines are protected to a maximum', the PCAA spokesman further pointed out.