DG Khan Rescue 1122 Helped 29,282 People

DG Khan Rescue 1122 helped 29,282 people

DG KHAN, Jan 7 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 07th Jan, 2017 ) : Local rescue service provided help to 29,282 people on 26,798 telephone calls, out of which 9,162 affectees were shifted to nearest hospitals during the past year, district emergency officer Dr Natiq Hayyat said in a briefing at its Central Station here on Saturday. He said over 6,032 road accidents, 325 fire eruption, 52 drowning, 32 cylinder explosions and 4,533 miscellaneous incidents were responded by the rescue people in 2016. About 195 people were given medical treatment with 941 shifted to hospitals, out of which 21 succumbed to their injuries, he said, adding that over 90 per cent accidents occurred due to negligence.