POL Prices Are Likely To Come Down Very Soon


POL prices are likely to come down very soon

The officials of Finance Ministry say that prices of petroleum products will slightly be cut down from the beginning of the next month.

ISLAMBAD: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Feb 26th, 2020) The cut in prices of petroleum products is expected in next couple of days, the officials of Finance Ministry say here on Wednesday.

They say that the ministry has recommended decrease in the prices of petroleum products, and made a strong prediction that Petrol’s prices will go Rs 9 down during the next week.

The finance ministry, the sources say, will announce the prices on Feb 28-day after tomorrow. They further state that the new prices of petroleum products will be enforced from March 1st. The price of High Speed Diesel will be cut down Rs 12, Light Diesel Rs 8 and Kerosene oil’s price will be cut down up to Rs 7 after the new prices.

The POL prices are expected to come down as the prices of the same products in international markets have gone slightly down.

With the cut in POL prices, the inflation rate will also fall down, providing some relief to the public which is suffering from high inflation and sky-touching rates of daily used items.

“The prices are so high that we could not even think about medicines,” said an aged women who was walking to her home in Johar Town area. “Nobody cares about the poor and deserving in this country,” she added. “Everything has gone worst and out of control,” she stated.

Fida Hussnain

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