Dawn Regrets Publishing Wrong Story About NAB

Dawn regrets publishing wrong story about NAB

ISLAMABAD, Jan 6 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 06th Jan, 2017 ) : Daily Dawn that published a wrong figure regarding corruption committed by Balochistan's former Finance Secretary Mushtaq Raisani in its December 22 edition, has regretted mistake of its reporter in a letter written to NAB. The daily Dawn wrongly reported that Raisani committed Rs 40 billion corruption, contrary to a figure of Rs 2 billion, identified by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Admitting publication of the mistaken figure, the daily Dawn has now written a letter to National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in which the editor stated that the news report was certainly a mistake by the reporter. The editor said, "We believe every report, from whatever source it is available, must be checked and double checked. That he (reporter) was unable to follow this policy, was a mistake on his part, and should not have happened." "As Dawn's editor, I consider it part of my professional ethics to convey Dawn's regrets to you and point out the mistake to the staff concerned," he added.