Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite - Features And Detailed Review


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite - Features and Detailed Review

The new smart-phone, with price of Rs 99,999 has all features of Galaxy Note series except the luxury.

LAHORE: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Feb 25th, 2020) samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite is a new version with amazing features and affordable price has made waves in the local markets.

The Galaxy Note series have offered the best smart-phones but the high prices perhaps have been a big deterrent in Pakistan.

Now, the Samsung has introduced a Lite version of the flagship Note 10, with its all features except the luxury. The new version is an Aura blink and is available against price of Rs 99,999. It has 8 GB RAM, 128 Giga bytes ROM, dual SIM, with Memory card support. Interestingly, the new Lite version has the feature of 1 TB memory card which means that one may do 4K record. The new cell phone has Ultra study short functionality which gives Gimble light movement. It provides steady video recording, without any jerk.

Fast Charging:

Charging system is perfect with super fast charger, with type C to type C cables. Hands-free is a standard quality, with excellent speakers. Watch detailed review videos of Samsung Note 10 Lite with camera testing and features below.

How About Camera?

Lite version has attractive look with premium finishing, built up with scratch-less plastic. It has oven style camera, LED light, four 12 mega pixels censors including telephoto censor, 2 X censor, ultra white, normal censor, with front camera of 32 mega pixels, H2i display of 6. 75 inches, left side carries SIM tray, right side is having lock, unlock and voice buttons, three cameras.

Samsung Note 10 Lite Back Camera
Samsung Note 10 Lite Back Camera

There are three cameras and all are 12 mega pixels cameras; one camera is white angle , second normal 1 X and 2 X is third camera, with telephoto zoom-lens. For videos, Samsung has provided perfect features. Ultra HD recording can be made and the latest version is capable of 4-K recording which means phone camera is capable of slow-motions. It also carries two features in selfie camera including white angle and normal. Selfie camera has good color science and it produces good selfies.

Battery in Note 10 Lite:

Samsung claims that Lite version has 4500 mAh battery for 24 hours normal use. Display is super bright and gives amazing display in the day light. Adoptive brightness is available and dark mode is also there for choice.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Box
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite Box

The note devise is also purchased for S-Pen. Samsung Note 10 Lite has amazing S-Pen, with good features. Notes can be saved. All typical features are there with S-Pen like a normal pen as one may not find difference between S-Pen and normal pen. S-Pen performs other functions like camera use for pictures, video making and music play.

Note 10 Lite Design
Note 10 Lite Design

It also helps in controlling voice. The speakers produce clear and loud voice. The phone can run videos upto 1080 pixels. Video stability is also perfect. Super steady on and off options provide wonderful experience.

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