Shocked To See US President Donald Trump Visit Gujrat, Says Rehman Malik

Islamabad (Pakistan Point News / Online - 25th February, 2020) Former Interior Minister and Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Interior Senator A. Rehman Malik expressed that he was shocked to see US President Donald Trump visiting Gujrat to meet the Butcher of Gujrat'.In a statement from Quetta wherein he is invited to deliver a lecture on Threats to National Security' in Command and Staff5 College Quetta, he said that it is shocking for the people of Gujrat, human right activists and people of US to see US President Donald Trump standing with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose hands are stained with blood of innocent people of Gujrat and Kashmir.

He said the joint appearance had hurt sentiments of Kashmiris who were under siege for the last more than 200 days passing through difficult times of their life. He said that US President Donald Trump must be remembering that he was the same Modi who was prohibited from visiting US for a decade under the International Religious Freedom Act (IRFA) provision of US Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) for his role in killings of Muslims of Gujarat.

Senator said that see the audacity of PM Modi that he is taking the President of USA to his crime scene -Gujrat without any remorse and regret. He added that one wonders why the President of USA has not been briefed about this crimes and humanity and about Gujrat- the crime scene which is a black scar on the face of humanity particularly the India.He said that cries of innocent people would still be echoing in Gujrat asking for justice from the State of India and international human rights bodies.

He said that "I hope President Donald Trump will say few words of sympathy to the victim families and remind PM Modi of his crimes against humanity". He said that Pakistan has suffered the most in US War on Terror and has sacrificed over 70,000 innocent people with great devastation to its basic infrastructure and economy whereas PM Modi having done nothing in this war on terror but is committing unprecedented brutalities against oppressed people of Kashmir.He said that people across the world wonder the criteria of America for friendship. He said that he wishes that US President Donald Trump has visited Pakistan first. He said that We (Pakistanis) consider few hours stop to your partner in the fight against terrorists as this courtesy would have balanced the preference and had send good signal worldwide.