People Enjoy Soups, Hot Beverages On Rainy Day

People enjoy soups, hot beverages on rainy day

ISLAMABAD, Jan 6 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 06th Jan, 2017 ) : Residents of twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad on Friday fully enjoyed the rainy day by having soups, coffee, tea, Qahwa, pink tea at vendors shops and eateries. Many temporary stalls were also seen in major markets besides local points of in a sector of the Federal capital where people visited for enjoyment along with their friends. The Chinese restaurants and famous soup shops were also seen crowded durinng the whole day.

Mostly students visit with their friends to enjoy different kinds of soups including chicken corn, hot and sour, and fish soups. The soups stalls, where prices are usually nominal, have also raised Rs. 10 to 20 to get extra profit. "I came here to take soup with my friends as the rain has dropped temperature and we decided to enjoy soup which keeps our bodies warm and help us to remain active", said Aliyan Shani, a student of class 9th. Zafar Aslam, a father of four children buying soup at Aabpara market said, "I bought soup for my family because they must be waiting today as I had promised to bring after next rain.

" Soup is a healthy diet which include all the essential ingredients to keep body warm so its better to give them soup rather than junk food, he added. Asif Akhtar, a soup seller at Karachi Company market said, "On rainy day and the day following it, my sale is more than double as large number of people visit my shop". He said "it is golden time for us to earn profit so many stalls owners increase their prices a little bit which is somehow justified." "We have a shop so our workers do not face chilly winds but the stall owners have to stand in open air, so what's wrong if they charge a little bit more", he added.