2,159 Criminals Arrested In Attock During 2016

2,159 criminals arrested in Attock during 2016

ATTOCK, Jan 6 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 06th Jan, 2017 ) : Attock police have arrested 2,159 alleged criminals and registered 1,154 cases of different nature during last year 2016. According to police sources, Attock police registered 71 cases of murder and arrested 136 alleged killers, 22 persons were arrested for their alleged involvement in rape, 20 accused were arrested for their involvement in kidnapping. However 27 cases of bike theft were registered and 35 bike lifters were also arrested, 502 cases of possessing illegal arms were registered and in this context 507 accused were sent behind the bars, 784 alleged criminals were arrested in 738 cases of drugs while 559 gamblers were arrested in 79 cases of gambling.

Police also recovered more than Rs 70 million from dacoits and other alleged criminals. The sources said that in 2015, Attock police registered 1,500 cases and arrested 2,084 alleged criminals. The source said that in 2016 no case of kidnaping for ransom was reported however in 2015 , two such cases were reported and 14 alleged kidnapers were arrested.