Imran Has Made A Habit To Bully National Institutions: Marriyum

Imran has made a habit to bully national institutions: Marriyum

ISLAMABAD, Jan 5 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 05th Jan, 2017 ) : Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb on Thursday said that Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Imran Khan has made it a habit to bully the national institutions which tantamounts to violating the Constitution and the oath taken as a Member of the National Assembly. Addressing a press conference along with Minister of State for Privatization Muhammad Zubair and Daniyal Aziz MNA, she said that respecting the national institutions was responsibility of all and that Pakistan Muslim League respected the same.

However, she said the PML-N had to clarify things after baseless allegations, leveled by Imran Khan almost on daily basis. She said that Imran Khan himself had confessed in the court that he had no evidence and his job was only to level allegations. She said Imran levels allegations against the third time elected chief executive of Pakistan, who was prime minister of the entire country, not PML-N only and it was responsibility of her to respond to baseless allegations and bring facts before the nation.

The minister said that PTI stance was based on assumptions, but cases cannot be won on the basis of assumptions, container speeches and press conferences. The minister said that Imran Khan claimed in his press conference that tomorrow, it will be proven that Maryam Nawaz was the proprietor of the properties. She questioned if tomorrow, it would be proven that why he indulged in politics of anarchy, lock-down and sit-ins in the past. The minister said that PTI claimed in the Election Commission of Pakistan that Miriam Nawaz was dependent of Capt (retd) Safdar but in the court they said that she was dependent of the Prime Minister which did show contradiction in their stance.

Marriyum said that the Prime Minister had no link with the Panama papers. The minister said that PTI stance in the court was based on assumptions and it has failed to provide any evidence. She said that Imran had been claiming that the PM was only cutting ribbons, but it was the honour that the PM was inaugurating the new development projects in the country while Imran Khan was only trying to mislead the nation through lies. The present government would continue the journey of national progress under the leadership of Nawaz Sharif and energy, health and education projects would be completed by year 2018.

She said that the issue of load-shedding would be resolved and Pakistan would become free of terrorism under the dynamic leadership of Nawaz Sharif by next year. Replying to a question, she said that her party fully agrees with the judges observations about avoiding comments on subjudice matters, but it was responsibility of the PML-N to rebut baseless allegations of the PTI. She said that the PML-N leaders were not commenting on the judges observations and no press talk was done inside the court premises after court directives.

It was responsibility of her to give the masses true picture after the misleading statements of the PTI, she added. It was necessary to provide correct information to the masses through the media, she said. Daniyal Aziz, MNA said that the court has asked the PTI legal team to prove Sharifs' ownership of the London property before 2006 which its legal teams oohs failed to do. He said that the new U-turn of Imran Khan has been exposed as well as he has also admitted that the documents presented by PTI were downloaded from ICIJ website.

Daniyal Aziz said that the PTI should upload the pictures of Jehangir Tareen's cook on its website whose Names were used by the former for illegal business. He said that Imran Khan has been telling lies to the nation and he had to apologize over the 35 punctures claim. He said that Imran Khan changed the accountability act and sacked the head of KPK Ehtisab Commission as it had pointed out corruption in the province. Similarly, he sacked four chief election commissioners of the PTI as they exposed the rigging committed by Jehangir Tareen on whose plane Imran Khan has been using for the past few years. He said that in KPK, corruption cases have been time-barred and any accused is deemed as innocent if case not proved in 120 days. He said if same rule was applied at Federal level thousands of cases would be disposed of.