Underplay, Usury Go Unchecked In Malakand

Underplay, usury go unchecked in Malakand

MALAKAND, Jan 5 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 05th Jan, 2017 ) : Despite several claims by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government to curb usury in the province, the private interest-based business and underplay go unchecked in the district, making the life miserable for poor youth. President Peace Jirga Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sayed Kamal Shah and other local elders said that the provincial and district governments are not taking any action against the culprits who were making the future of poor youth dark and deciving many other innocent.

They said that persons are openly operating their businesses of usury and underplay in Sakhakot, Dargai, Battakhela, Chakdara and other areas but provincial government is not taking any action against the culprits in the district. They demanded of the KP government to take immediate strict action against the persons involved in the heinous business. It is to mention here that the KP government had already decided to launch a crackdown against the organisations and individuals giving loans to the people on self-imposed high mark up.

The drive was started from provincial metropolis soon in the first phase. The responsibility was also assigned to district administrations and local police at regional level for the purpose. Despite the fact that the KP Assembly had also unanimously passed "prohibition of interest on Private Loans Bill 2016", the provincial government and district administrations have yet to initiate crackdown against the illegal and un-Islamic business.