WHO Head Says It Is Too Early To Predict About End Of Coronavirus


WHO head says it is too early to predict about end of Coronavirus

The UN health agency warns people not to stigmatize the epidemic in fight against it as the collective efforts are required for this.

GENEVA: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Feb 13th, 2020) World Health Organizatio head Michael Ryan has said that it is too early to predict that COVID-19 known as “Cornonavirus” might end soon.

He made this caution after fresh cases of virus surfaced in China and in other countries in the world.

“It is too early to say that whether this virus will go to peak or will come down at this moment,” said Michael Ryan—the head of WHO in Geneva today.

The death toll has climbed to 1,310 in Hubei province of China. The officials say that 242 people have died of the virus on Wednesday.

"This epidemic could go in any direction,” he further said.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the chief of WHO, has said that fresh cases of coronavirus have surfaced during the ongoing week and therefore strict caution is made to control spread of this virus.

He also lauded Cambodia for agreeing to take in the Westerdam, a US cruise ship that has been rejected at several Asian ports over coronavirus fears.

“It is just an example of international solidarity we are continuously asking for,” he stated.

“The epidemic can cause the best and worst in people. Stigmatising individuals or entire nations harm the response but it must fought collectively,” he urged the authorities.

He went on to say that stigmatizing people as well as the countries damage collective efforts for our direction to fight against this epidemic. “People start hating each other which should not be allowed as it weakens our struggle against any epidemic,” he added.

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