Not India But Burhan & Dujana Rule Kashmir; Engr Rasheed

Not India but Burhan & Dujana rule Kashmir; Engr Rasheed

ISLAMABAD, Jan 4 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 04th Jan, 2017 ) : Awami Ittehad President and member of the so-called Kashmir Assembly, Engineer Abdur Rasheed has reiterated that Jammu and Kashmir had never been India's integral part nor will be in future, unless people of the territory decide so through a plebiscite promised to them by the United Nations. According to Kashmir Media Service, before being marshalled out from the so-called Kashmir Assembly in Jammu, while participating in the debate over recent killings in the territory, Engineer Rasheed in his speech termed the debate a futile exercise.

Arguing that "Could this debate resolve Kashmir dispute, get some innocent released from jail, punish someone who killed innocents, or bring somebody's life back?" he lambasted India for its unrealistic stand on Kashmir and colonial attitude towards the Kashmiri people. While drawing a comparison between funeral prayers of mujhaideen and pro-India leaders, AIP President said just a few hundred people participated in the funeral of puppet Chief Minister Mufti Sayeed, while over fifty thousand people attended the funeral of Abu Qasim, "only for the reason that for Kashmiris militants are not terrorists.

" He said that those citing 1987 rigged elections as a reason behind the eruption of armed struggle were absolutely wrong, as the history was witness to the fact that when people were deprived of their fundamental rights, then people like Yasir Arafat, Subash Chandra Bose, Raj Guru and Burhan Wani were born to lead them from the front. He further said, "Let world understand that lakhs don't turn up to the funeral of terrorists and the huge funeral of Burhan is enough to conclude that while Indian state is ruling through the barrel of gun, Burhan was ruling the hearts of people.

" He added, "It is not New Delhi but Burhan and Abu Dujana ruling Jammu and Kashmir." Engineer Rasheed reminded the assembly that the mujahideen were not taking arms for being uneducated or to get monitory benefits but, they were doing so under one-point agenda, which was to force India to fulfill promises it made to the Kashmiris at the United Nations.