IG Sindh Asks DIGs To Expedite Crackdown Against Criminals

IG Sindh asks DIGs to expedite crackdown against criminals

KARACHI, Jan 3 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 03rd Jan, 2017 ) : Inspector General Police, Sindh, A.D. Khawja in his directives issued Tuesday has asked all zonal DIGs to expedite the crackdown against criminals, in their respective areas of jurisdiction on scientific lines. This crackdown, particularly aimed at eradication of street crimes in Karachi, he said must be based on proper analysis regarding nature of crime, timing and modus operandi of the criminals.

IG A.D. Khawaja urged the zonal DIGs' from Karachi to improve efficacy linked to random snap checking, picketing and patrolling at every level. There must be absolute coordination and efficiency in the ongoing crackdown at every level, reiterated the police chief. A.D. Khawaja said these measures must be further complimented with fool proof investigations against those nominated in crime related cases so that actual culprits may not go scot-free.

He further directed that details of arrested and non arrested individuals nominated in cases and required by police, alongwith absconders must also be duly and regularly shared by highups in the department. IGP-Sindh said efforts must also be made to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect between public and police department. For the purpose, coupled with measures to maintain law and order, due care must be taken that no inconvenience is caused to the law abiding citizens. Those approaching police stations to register their complaints ought to be facilitated, said the Sindh police chief. These steps, he said will help improve the process of advance intelligence collection against criminals ultimately enabling police department to counter criminals.