CTP Net 1592 Beggars In 2016

CTP net 1592 beggars in 2016

RAWALPINDI, Jan 2 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 02nd Jan, 2017 ) :- City Traffic Police (CTP) have rounded up 1592 beggars from main city roads in 2016 while 994 cases were registered against them during the period. Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Yousaf Ali Shahid said CTP was trying to eliminate beggary from the city and during its efforts, as many as 1592 beggars were arrested and handed over to district police during last year. In a statement, he said 176 beggars were netted in January 2016 while 156 in February, 157 in March, 140 in April and 117 in May.

Similarly, 93 beggars were sent behind bars in June, 103 in July, 186 in August, 155 in September, 111 in October, 110 in November and 88 in December 2016. He said 522 beggar children arrested from the city were later handed over to Child Protection Bureau. He said two special squads comprising an Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI), six constables and a lady constable, were working to nab the beggars. Directives had been issued to squads to register cases against the beggars, he said. The CTO said concerted efforts should be made by the police and administration to eliminate the menace. In the past, the departments concerned were reluctant to take any action against beggars particularly against the professional beggars.