Crime Rate Witness Downward Trend During 2016

Crime rate witness downward trend during 2016

RAWALPINDI, Jan 2 (Pakistan Point News - APP - 02nd Jan, 2017 ) : The ration of crime rate in Rawalpindi city witnessed a downward trend during 2016 as compared to the previous year but recovery rate of stolen vehicles, motorcycles did not show a considerable improvement. According to details, despite claims of making strict security arrangements by the Police to control crimes, as many as 696 vehicles and 551 motorcycles were stolen during the year with nearly 2700 dacoities, robberies, thefts and other crimes in which the citizens were deprived of their valuables.

Twelev persons were killed in these dacoties and robberies while some 242 murder cases were reported during the year while 249 murder cases were registered in 2015. According to statistics collected by APP, in only 79 cases the stolen goods were recovered by the police. Statistics showed that despite over 20 police check posts at the city�s entry and exit points there is no let up in the crime rate as there are frequent reports of crimes including murder cases, attempted murder cases, kidnapping for ransom, robberies, thefts, burglary and street crimes.

Overall 315 attempted murder cases were registered during last year but the number of such cases were 325 in 2015. Some 129 kidnapping cases were reported in 2016 which remained 95 in 2015. Similarly, only six kidnapping for ransom cases were reported during last year which were 10 in 2015. 52 rape cases were registered in 2016 which were 36 in 2015. Similarly, gang rape cases remained nine in 2016 which were only four in 2015. 432 FIRs of thefts were registered during last year which were 525 in 2015.

People lost huge amount in cash and valuables in cases of armed robberies, thefts and burglaries during the period. Several incidents of crimes in different areas of the city remained unreported . Regional Police Officer (RPO) Rawalpindi had earlier shuffled several SHOs in the city in response to rising crime but no significant improvement has been seen so far. However, according to City Police Officer (CPO) Rawalpindi all out efforts are being made to control crimes in the city.

He said, senior police officers had been directed to regularly monitor the crime situation and performance of the police officials. He said, all available resources are being utilized to control the crime and foolproof security arrangements were made particularly at public places in Rawalpindi district. The special teams comprising senior police officials were constituted to check and curb heinous crimes and to monitor performance of police officials on weekly basis.

Solid steps to change traditional �thana� culture and improve image of police among the public were also taken. Stressing the need of concerted efforts he said, people should come forward to play their due role as joint efforts by law enforcement agencies and the general public will have to be made to eliminate crimes from the society. It is responsibility of the police officers to act in accordance with the law on the complaints of aggrieved party, he said adding, strict action is being taken against negligent police officials.