LHC Shows Positive Trend In Disposal Of Cases

LHC shows positive trend in disposal of cases

(Pakistan Point News - APP - 02nd Jan, 2017 ) According to court sources, by June end the total number of pending cases were 153,068 across all LHC benches, which included 92,197 cases at Lahore, 34,538 at Multan, 12,694 at Rawalpindi and 13,639 at Bahawalpur. However,on August 21,2016,the pending cases declined to 138,555 which included 79,409 cases at Lahore,13,115 at Bahawalpur,34,739 at Multan and 11,292 at Rawalpindi. LHC reopened on September 5 after summer vacation and untill December 19, a total of 40,083 cases were disposed of whereas 42,697 new cases were filed during the same period.

During the said period, 24315 cases were disposed of at Lahore principal seat,4863 in Bahawalpur,8116 in Multan and 2,768 in Rawalpindi. The total number of pending cases were 141,169 at the LHC in third week of December,2016. It is pertinent to mention that substantial efforts were made in the areas of civil revisions, criminal revisions, criminal appeals, murder references and tax matters.