German Air Force To Evacuate Citizens From Virus-Infected Wuhan This Week - Reports

BERLIN (Pakistan Point News / Sputnik - 28th January, 2020) Germany's air force will fly planes to the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak in China's Wuhan this week to fetch stranded citizens, media reported Monday.

Luftwaffe is expected to send up to two planes possibly a jetliner and a specialized medevac plane to the Chinese province on Wednesday or Thursday, the German magazine Spiegel said.

Some 90 Germans have contacted the Foreign Office in order to be evacuated. The outlet said the medevac jet was a precaution since there were no known cases of infection among them.

The evacuation was formally agreed on Monday morning. The top German diplomat, Heiko Maas, said a consular team would travel to Wuhan from Beijing tonight to assist in the operation.

The virus has infected almost 3,000 people across China, with 80 succumbing to the deadly respiratory infection, which originated from a wildlife market in Wuhan.

Cases have also been detected in South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Australia, France, Canada and the United States, prompting screenings of passengers coming from China at airports around the world.