Rabi Pirzada Performs Umra


Rabi Pirzada performs Umra

The former actress says that her journey to 'Baitullah' was not planned; it was her destroy that took her to such sacred place.

LAHORE: (Urdu Point/Pakistan Point News-Jan 25th, 2020) Former known actress Rabi Pirzada has once again gone to Saudi Arabia to perform Umra.

Taking to Twitter, Rabi Pirzada shared the pictures of some books and wrote the holy “words” which are recited during performance of Umra.

She wrote: “I never knew i will perform Umrah, i never planned this journey to Allah. Life is slipping out, turn to Allah b4 u return to Allah,”

Rabi Pirzada has left showbiz industry after some “objectionable pictures” went viral on social media. She openly did “Tauba” (inclination towards God). Yesterday, she announced support for families for sending their children to schools, especially to the girls.

“I will pay Rs 500 to a family for sending a boy to school and Rs 1000 for a girl,” the actress wrote on her twitter account.

Fida Hussnain

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